Has anyone on the forum got JJWG Maps working correctly?

My Cron Job runs
If I manually enter Geocode Data it works

It does not automatically complete the Geocode Data when running the Cron job - has anyone got this running properly?

Make sure the jjw cron job is active, and see if it got executed successfully. Even if it doesn’t work you can look into its code and put log statements to see where it stops.

SuiteCRM has improved my programming skills but cron jobs are still a “magical” art to me.

I know that my general cron jobs are working correctly as I can see the results with regards to Indexing etc.

According to Scheduler my “JJW CRon” is running successfully BUT I am not seeing any results being output., where and how is the best place to run a log output?

Which module you want to get the coordinates?


Accounts - needs the data - I am not worried about Leads/Contacts