Has anyone had success with Zapier working with SuiteCRM 7.2.1?

We tried initially to get SuiteCRM to work with Zapier but were told by Zapier that they did not support SuiteCRM. We tested it about a year ago and ran into an issue. If others are having success I would appreciate any info and how you are using it. Thank you,

Bert Diener

If Zapier is not working with SuiteCRM then it would be advisable to progress with caution.

Did Zapier say if they were going to release a version working with SuiteCRM 7.2?

Did they give a reason why it does not work?



It was sometime late last year that we tested it. I was passed from a salesperson to one of their engineers, who basically told me that they only supported SugarCRM and no additional flavors. It may still have been an issue with our particular instance, but they were not interested in working with us to resolve the problem (we were testing various solutions for some QuickBooks Online automation at the time).

I have not yet tested it with a clean install of SuiteCRM in order to rule out issues with some of our customizations.

I have not tried this personally however there is other posts on this forum which state that other users use this service. some of which look like they use it with SuiteCRM


Personally I am not keen on Zapier … yet another 3rd party with access to your crown jewels. My advise, FWIW is to avoid.

Not to mention they’re obnoxiously expensive. After a few significant integrations you have quite the monthly bill racked up. I discovered this when it took five “zaps” to get data from a Gravity Form, put it into my current CRM, and insert a note. Yikes…

I’m lucky that I can code just enough to play “connect the APIs”, but still… For the money I’d spend on Zapier? I’d rather hire a qualified programmer to write the integration I need. It would be a signifigant savings over the long run.

I do have a free account that I use when I need a quick, dirty, temporary fix. I’d never consider using it for a signifigant integration though. I like owning my data and the systems that it flows through.

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Does anyone know what the verdict is on this?. I just installed a fresh copy of SuiteCRM… and tried to connect with Zapier using the Sugar connection and it doesnt work. Is it safe to say then its dead or is there a workaround? I imagine from lack of topic that it does not… just want to confirm.