Has anyone figured out how to do recurring meeting (calendar) entries?

Hi all,

I have seen posts that say SuiteCRM doesn’t do recurring meeting/calendar entries out of the box (at least as of 2 years ago), and one that got around it somewhat with workflows.

Has anyone come up with a more comprehensive way of doing recurring calendar entries? Or knows of a module/plugin – paid or free – that does so?


out of the box
in calendar create the meeting
scroll right to the bottom
you will see Repeat and a dropdown


For example
Repeat - weekly
Every - 2 (week)
(can choose days of the week)

End repeat
after 10 times
or specific date

I am using the self hosted suitecrm and I cannot see the repeat option.

Is it still available?

Is there anyway to have recurring meetings?

@wazdot where are you creating the Meeting from?

If you’re starting it from a dashlet, or from within another module, you might be seeing a reduced version of the form.

I just tried this on the online demo:


and it works fine from within the Calendar module, just click to add meeting and scroll down to the very bottom.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I was trying to create the meeting by clicking ‘Schedule Meeting’ from the left hand menu in the calendar module and the repeat option does not show.

SOLVED - I can see it if I just click on any time in the calendar itself, the popup form (called ‘Create Activity’) has the option at the bottom as mentioned earlier.

Is it possible to change the option so that ‘Schedule Meeting’ in the left menu will bring up the ‘Create Activity’ form?

Your’re right, the recurrence option seems to be missing from the screen if you open it from the sidebar menu.

Can you please open an Issue on GitHub asking to fix this? Thanks