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Hardware sizing for SuiteCRM

I have been trying to find some help in sizing the VMs for a deployment where I need a High Availability and high performance as I see a very high concurrent user count.

Is there some sizing calculator or profile that I may use?

I have some notes about running in a VM here

And some side notes about the difference between replicas and backups here:

But maybe you already know all that, and more.

There is no calculator that I know of. I can get you consultants that really know about big SuiteCRM installations if you want and are willing to hire. That’s probably the wisest route, if you are in charge of a big installation.

If you just want to keep asking in the Forums I don’t mind helping out for free, of course, tell me a bit more about your planned architecture (will you bw splitting database and web server, using load balancing, etc?)