GUIDE to Upgrade to SuiteCRM from SugarCRM?

Hello, i’ve been searching for a while about How to Upgrade from sugarCRM to SuiteCRM, but it seems like there’s no guide to do this, that’s a bit wierd, that’s something the guys from SuiteCRM should have done… Has someone done this process with success? if so, could you post the steps so that everyone can understand what to do with the files that SuiteCRM Upgrade gives?

This is the only link referring to the upgrade, but it’s not sufficient…

Sorry to say this Matt, but that the link I posted in the thread, and it does not specify anything of the steps, also they are confusing

have you ever applied an upgrade to SugarCRM?
Are you using SugarCRM CE?
Is it version 6.5.x?

No, i’ve never applied an upgrade to SugarCRM, Yes i’m using SugarCRM CE, yes, it is.