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Hello folks,

first of all - I’m not totally new to SuiteCRM but nevertheless I’m quite in trouble actually with my inbound email resp. group mail accounts. To explain: I sure can set up email accounts in Admin / Inbound Email. And if I set em up in Admin - is there any simple (…) solution to assign them to existing users? Actually I’ll have to create them for every single user.

And I wanted to have personal accounts for my CRM-users and group-accounts for this users to have an overview of emails in the mailbox of the company as such. And in the Admin-section they should differ by their type - personal or group.

But now the trouble starts: I don’t have any form-field (?) to separate them - they’re all ‘personal’ whatever I try to do. I tried to find a few documentation about this issue but couldn’t help me any further. Cause setting up email accounts for every single user can’t be the solution - cause he’d be able to administrate the whole bunch of mail which shouldn’t be his task.

So my question(s): how to set up a group email account? And furthermore: where can I find these emails afterwards? Automatically (…) in my/an Email / Inbox?? Connected with roles a/o security groups didn’t help me neither. Apparently there are no options for this.

Could I express my problem so far…?
Thanks in advance for being stupid so far :stuck_out_tongue:

greetings from Austria

Hi Thomas,

Please see documentation on emails:



Couldn’t find the answer to this question. This thread was close.

I have 2 inbound email groups: Sales and Support. When a rep replies to an email from one of the group folders, I want the Sales rep to respond from the Sales Email account and the Support rep to respond from the Support Email account. I have created security groups for Sales and Support but I can’t see how to apply the security group to each Email Group. Perhaps this feature is not available yet?

The sugar docs talk about using the Team module to do this but I don’t think this applied to 7.2.1.

Any guidance is appreciated.

I have the same issue, I created team mail accounts for every departement in my company.

But every departement is able to see all of the mail accounts.

Is it not possible to set rights ob a inbox at E-Mail Settings or Role Management?

Are there any new insights ?

team in sugar is for pay version (Pro, Entrepise)
There is no team in suitecrm but the free version of security group suite.
You need to buy pro version of security group suite (at sugaroutfigter), i think in pro version you can do what you will.