group list set in owner want show in 7.8.1

Hi there, if I set owner in the list section of the role management the list won’t show at all in 7.8.1 can we fix this?

Are you the assigned user of any of the records in that list?

I’m administrator, after the latest update the lists made for role’s don’t work anymore set up as viwu list for user won’t show data


Could this be the issue you are having? :

sorry but your link does not bring me anywhere?

I don’t think this is the case, we’ve a couple of modules reserved for user view like cases, the users can view all the cases now and only enter the specified cases by role set to owner, this was also possible in list view in older version, now after upgrade if role is set to owner the list is empty, so it does not show the information that had to be connected by user ownership