Group Inbound Mailbox issue


Is there any unresolved bug with group inbound mailbox?

Tried to set up group inbound mailbox to automatically get new case created on new mail come but with no luck.
We have gmail acc and i have went threw troubleshooting instructions (made settings with less secure connection, checked ports).
Its connects with no problem via ui.
The problem only on cron job side, writes something that not possible to establish connection.

Then i tried to set up same email but as personal box and it works well.

I tried on two different servers with php 7/5 with clean install of latest LTS and 7.9.0 / 7.9.5.

Some dev-guy
(writing from mobile, so any screen or log details later).
P.S. Yes, im tried to switch it on/off.

UPD: If password has special symbols its not working. So solved by just change pass and it start works.