Group Emails

We have setup SuiteCRM and all seems to running OK. The first thing I have tried to setup is Inbound Email. I have a Gmail account configured and talking via IMAP.

Under advanced settings, with Import Emails Automatically enabled the Group mail account does not show up for my test user account even though it is selected under the email settings for that user. When this setting is disabled the account does appear.

I would ideally like incoming emails to be imported automatically into the system as leads which are then subsequently managed by multiple users within a team.

Please help, how can I import emails automatically and create a case from email with auto-reply and still see the group email account via my users. Have I missed a setup step and if so can you point me to the documentation.

Thanks for your help


Hi there,

You will be able to use AOW(Workflow module in SuiteCRM) to trigger on emails and create leads, dependent on what information you need to trigger on.

If you need to create relationships and require more complex functionality between Emails/Leads, y ou would need to customise the CRM.



Hi Will

Thanks for the swift response - I don’t think I’ve ever had such a quick reply in a forum!

Forgive my product ignorance but I’m struggling to think in a SuiteCRM/SugarCRM way. I want to have a group mailbox where every single new e-mail that comes in is effectively a new lead. The leads should be available to everyone in the team (rather than just being allocated to a single individual). Anyone in the team should be able to see and progress a lead generated by any of the e-mails - and a team admin should be able to monitor who has done what.

Is that a reasonable thing for me to be wanting to do?

Based on your previous response am I right in thinking I need to set up a macro/task/workflow that imports every e-mail as it hits the mailbox and opens a new lead for each new message, allocating the lead to the group rather than an individual?