Group By - in Reports makes duplicated charts


I am trying to create a report of a Leads grouped by the user they are assigned to. The main problem is that for each record on an assigned user - a new chart is being created for me. For Example if the user ‘User1’ is assigned to 3 different leads: 3 charts are appearing!

Am I doing something wrong or maybe is this a bug?

I am bumping the thread hoping someone will see it!

I am also having the same issue. If there are 3 entries for an individual and I group items by who they are assigned to I end up with 3 charts showing 3 entries. If those 3 entries have the same sales stage and I make a bar chart showing dollars by sales stage then I end up with 3 bars showing the same stage. It’s really not good.

I need to figure out what’s going on with it.

I just updated to the latest version and I still have the issue.

This issue remained for us as well. We use the reports of an external system now instead. If this issue could be resolved though it would be great.

Feedback like that is helpful, but nobody’s following this here, it would be better to try and find the Issue on GitHub and comment there…

I am also having the same issue when using the main group drop down. Has anyone else had this issue or seen a solution somewhere?