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Grassroots Project - Trying to create a repairs chasing system for residents who are being short changed


I am trying to create a repairs chasing system for 310 of our residents who, one time or another, are being ignored when they report repairs. CDIRF is a grassroots, wholly not for profit organisation where no money changes hands at all. As the Founder, I fund web hosting, phone and printing costs.

I have put together a spreadsheet setting out what I am trying to achieve and, firstly, I am trying to establish whether it is currently possible with Suite CRM, secondly, whether what I have done is done right (I have linked a PDF with the Workflows (that are referenced within the Spreadsheet), and thirdly, how to do a number of things indicated that I am not sure how to do.

I would be incredibly grateful if anybody would take a look at the below linked documents - I have spent a fair few hours putting them together.

Thanks incredibly much,