Graphic Issue search view after 7.14 upgrade

Hey there,

I use PHP 7.4

After 7.14 I had to change a lot of custom file (was using {php} tag from old smarty, so I had to modify my customized file to yours)

After that, I found that the search view dont have label anymore on button and the text after the search field input.
Tried both french and default english.

I post this cause you have the same bug in your demo website :


Will wait this to be fixed to update my production env :slight_smile:

Bump; No one know how to fix this ?

I don’t think anyone looked at this yet. If you can see it happening on the live demo, I’d say it’s a good idea to open an new Issue on Github for it. Hopefully it won’t be too hard to fix.

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Done !

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Here’s a combined approach that leverages SuiteCRM’s translation mechanism and adheres to best practices:

1. Use translate Function:

SuiteCRM provides a translate function to retrieve translated labels from language packs. This ensures you get the correct label based on the user’s language preference
File Path
{ translate(‘LBL_SEARCH_SUBMIT_FIELD_VALUE’, ‘global’) }

The Second argument, ‘global’, specifies the module from which to retrieve the translation. Here, ‘global’ indicates the core language pack, which contains general labels used throughout SuiteCRM.