Granular Permission

I downloaded the SuiteCRM and installed it on my shared server.

I am still under configuration/customization phase. Need to assign some field level access rights; for instance, user of role A can access a field but user of role B can not; however, their superior can view it but not edit it.

After doing my initial research, I found that granular security is part of SuitCRM.

Any heads up?

Thanks in advance

Hi kgupta,

You currently cannot do this in SuiteCRM. You can however download Security Suite Pro which allows this functionality.



Where can I download that from?

On the homepage of suitecrm it mentions these as features and on download page there are CORE FILES & UPGRADE FILES; I downloaded the CORE files.

Thanks Will.

Hi kgupta,

The Security Suite version on SuiteCRM is the free. Security Suite Pro is available to purchase here.



When you say – “Free to use”, can you explain a bit more in detail about the same?

Also, why is SuiteCRM homepage is advertised saying that it is a Free Open source solution… the modules are mentioned stating that these are free.

Kind of misleading.

Is it possible to see it in working in free to use version?

Hi kgupta,

SuiteCRM is a free, open source solution. Security Suite is a third party module which we use the free version of in SuiteCRM.



I know this is old but just for future reference

make sure to read my review

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Hi Will,

We are interested in buying the "“Security Suite Pro”. So I searched for “Security Suite Pro” in Google… but it is always taking me to this product:

Is this what you are referring to? It doesn’t seem to mention anything about the field-level access.


Hello Tawfeeq,

That’s the one. The custom group layouts is how field level access is done with SecuritySuite:

This handles the vast majority of uses for field level access. You can hide/show certain fields for specific groups.

Hope that helps!