[got this] update to 7.11.20 - Differences found between database and vardefs

I am updated from version 7.11.18 to 7.11.20 all goes well, however there is a small error with table: users
I have been looking on Suitecrm forum and Github but still don’t have your answers. Please take it through it and if you’ve met and handle it, guide me. Thank you !

I found some the same topics (same TITLE), but they came from 2019, I reviewed and followed almost the completed edits, nothing to fix.

This is NOTE: after run Quick Repairs and rebuilds

Differences found between database and vardefs

The following script will sync the database structure with the structure defined in the vardefs. You have the option of exporting this script and then running it against your database using external database management tools, or to allow the administration module to run the script.

NOTE: any changes you make to the script in the textbox will be reflected in the exported or executed code.

/* Table : users /
/*INDEX MISMATCH WITH DATABASE - idx_user_name - ROW idx_user_name index [0] => ‘user_name’ [1] => ‘is_group’ [2] => ‘status’ [3] => ‘last_name (30)’ [4] => ‘first_name (30)’ [5] => ‘id’ /
VARDEF - idx_user_name - ROW idx_user_name index [0] => ‘user_name’ [1] => ‘is_group’ [2] => ‘status’ [3] => ‘last_name’ [4] => ‘first_name’ [5] => ‘id’ */
ALTER TABLE users DROP INDEX idx_user_name, ADD INDEX idx_user_name (user_name,is_group,status,last_name,first_name,id);

Suitecrm: 7.11.20
PHP 7.4
MySQL Version: 10.3.30-Mariadb-Log-CLL-LVE
Operating System: Linux
Shared Hosting

Thank you !