Got much spam sending to - web to Person form - need Captcha!

I am building a web to Person form with the website and realized that a lot of spam sent … I am in need of integrating Google Captcha into Web to Person Form … Is this solution feasible? and how to do that ?
Thank you !

Personally, I use Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7 which supports captcha and just push the leads into the CRM that way. Gives me all the functionality of a complex form builder and full integration with SuiteCRM.

Yes, that’s good idea, I forgot to attention to this plug in Contact Form 7 for WordPress projects … Do you have any suggestions for other Open source or CMS?

It is very difficult to integrate with Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms, I think simple but with “form action” will be difficult when the next plug_in Update. I shifted the integrated Captcha PHP, simpler and effective for both Wordpress Site and other CMS.
Captcha by images / generated captcha code easily / sensitive match …
This is the source I used:


It’s super easy to integrate with Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7. There’s a free plugin, no coding required.

You can check it out on my blog if you are interested:

Actually, these instructions are very meticulous and very easy, thank you for 2 post articles Integrating webtolead with WordPress Plugin.