Got Error while run report with date parameter

it show following error and dose not show any data while press ‘Update’ button.

[color=#ff0000]Mon Jan 14 11:57:22 2019 [37031][1][ERROR] convert: Conversion of undefined 12.00 AM from Y-m-d h.i A to Y-m-d H:i:s failed

The report display data properly only while click on specific report in ‘Report View’ once, when press ‘Update’ button , it failed to display any data and give above error, also all dates parameters are become blank.


There are issues with this on GitHub, and it might even be solved, can you test the new versions that came out yesterday (on a test environment)?

have download and installed latest version (7.11.0 Released 14th Jan 2019) but the issue is same.

-Fareed Ahmed.

And could you find any open Issue there that looks the same as this?