Google Sync doesn't works

I have a problem with google calendar sync.
I configured API key to enabled sync, than the users’s SuiteCRM, configure their google calendar and authorized the sync.

Now, the users can’t see events created in SuiteCRM, into their google calendar and also events created in Google Calendar are not available into SuiteCRM calendar.

What should I check? Is there a log file for Google sync?

Thank you so much,

Which version is this?

You can look in your normal logs (suitecrm.log, php_errors.log) for messages related to sync.

Our version is 7.11.2.
In suitecrm.log I see only fatal error: “Caught Exception While Syncing User: <user_id>”

I tried to regenerate API Google Key and reconfigure into Admin --> Google Calendar Settings; reauthorized in my user preferences, and the sync succeded but only from Suite CRM --> Google Calendar. IN SuiteCRM can’t find Google calendar events.
But, only one time works. Now sync doesn’t work yet :frowning:

I retried to regenerate another time, but it still doesn’t work.

any suggestions?

Probably I found the cause. I forgot that the gCalendar for my user, was the same for the administrator.

it seems that by regenerating the API Google KEY, and re-authorize in the user’s advanced settings, the sync is back to work. :slight_smile:

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I’m glad to hear it’s working now!

I recommend you upgrade to the latest 7.11.x, there have been other bug fixes since 7.11.2.