Google/SuiteCRM Integration

I’ve seen some reference to Google integration in future versions of SuiteCRM. Will, do we have an update on this? It would be an immense boon to our organization and make Suite all that much more attractive if it took care of the two way integration of contacts and calendar like it does the email. Looks like Google’s API is pretty good in this regard so I figured we would see it soon, but I think the most recent mention I saw was from 10 months ago.

As for the paid solutions, we are considering a few, but it’s hard to trust them since their code is not open and often requires us to provide them with our account info (as opposed to putting it in the instance of Suite). This is undesirable for our enterprise.

This is on the roadmap, but has not been committed to yet.

We will update you if this is something we are going to release.