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Google Maps View and Get Directions not working

Anyone familiar with how Google Maps wants the URL? The SuiteCRM maps doesn’t work when you click on “google maps view” or “Get Directions”. It goes to 404 page. I’m guessing because when I Iook for an address on Google Maps, the URL is formed differently. Just wondering if this a bug in the maps feature? Might be an easy fix in the code if the output just needs to be formatted differently.

Example (output from SuiteCRM)
Google Maps Actual URL:,+Ayr,+ON+N0B+1E0/@43.3355112,-80.4518452,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x882c74ca2166f4cd:0x1422180b1ec23145!8m2!3d43.3355112!4d-80.4496565

So did some playing around… I got this URL to work:

so basically, I think just the first part of the URL needs to be replaced, everything else will work fine.

So basically the first part of the url just needs to be replaced with:

Looks like this issue is already logged in Github with a work around…

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