Google_Maps - Duplicated language files

I found a duplicated language files located at: \custom\Extension\modules\Administration\Ext\Language
en_us.Google_Maps_20130815.php and en_us.Google_Maps_20131011.php

Same goes for other 2 files located at \custom\Extension\application\Ext\Language
en_us.Google_Maps_20130815.php and en_us.Google_Maps_20131011.php

I found this a strange way to work, maybe you can explain it to me as I’m a newbie at SUITECRM!

You would be better off asking the guys a SugarCRM since they designed the core system, we have forked it and added functionality.

I like to make a reference to an excellent blog post which tries to explain the confusion of the language files in Sugar. The problem is that there are so many language files, and some of the files are auto-generated, so your not sure where a particular change you want to make is, or should be, located, or if you’ve forgotten a key language file when getting a package manifest ready to move to another server.

Read the rest of this indepth article via the link below: