Google Calendar Sync

I’m recently swtich from SugarCE to SuiteCRM, i’m very happy for this upgrade and your development.
But i have an issue with the synchronization with Google calendar: i set all like this site ->
but it doesn’t work, no sync starts.
I was looking about this problem and i found that it was a know issue of the last releases of SugarCE.
I found also a suggestion for resolution here ->
but I wanted to ask here first, cause I’m not sure if it is a bug or just I don’t know how to configure well.
I hope someone can help me.

Thanks for your work,

how are you testing if is working or not?


I just added some Activities in my Suite calendar e wait a week for synchronization, it doesn’t work. I try with 3 installations and different google account.
No error in server log. When i try to add a calendar link from sugar to Google, it gives me an error (in google calendar page), the second time adds it but without sync.
Can someone confirm me that it works?

Thanks for reply.