Google Calendar Sync only works once

This is going to be one of those “is it just me” questions. I recently updated to 7.14, not sure if that was the cause, but in doing so I also had to reset my user preferences to fix some other issues going on from the upgrade. Then my Google calendar sync stopped working. Expected, I reset my user preferences. So I re-authorized, no problem, my sync started working again. Then I noticed, not working again. Re-authorized= working again. Long story short, it only works once and then I have to re-authorize.

I can’t see anything pertinent in the error logs. Is it just me?

Hi pstevens,
Can we schedule meeting in crm and that meeting show on my Google calendar page.
Is there any possibility.
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Vishal Raj

Yes thats exactly what it does

Hi Paul

I had something similar and was chasing my tail. Mine turned out to be a simple problem with cron and/or the CRM scheduler.

Calendar sync ran when I authorised and then didn’t run again. After a lot of code chasing and other activity, I went into the CLI and ran the cron job from there and it worked again, but only that once.

We are on a shared platform but long story short, I redid the cron and re-timed the google calendar sync function in the scheduler and saved it and it started working all the time. I don’t have a prognosis but this did do the trick :slight_smile:

We are on v8.5 rather thanthe more stable V7 and I am sure you have probably checked the above but just worth pointing out, as I know how frustrating these things are.

I hope this helps.

I watched your Bounceback video about 4 times to try and solve our long term issue with it. We just get IMAP handler errors - IMAP non-valid resource stream and IMAP search errors, from the bounceback function every hour between 2am and 6am, when it is set to run and no bounceback functionality has ever worked. I have given up on it, as there is a lot of stuff in the forum but nothing that has fixed it.

Good luck

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I assumed because it was running once, that the job was running. I look in my scheduler and the Google Calendar sync job is no longer there!! Must have got cleaned out when I reset my user preferences. I think that’s it.

I owe you one! If you nee help with the bounce stuff let me know, I went through it all in detail a couple of months ago and have a pretty good understanding of how it works.

No problem. Glad to be of help rather than asking for it for once :slight_smile:.

I might revisit the IMAP problem again soon and drop you a note of where we are. Not that urgent as we handle bounces outside of the CRM at the moment and have this off to a fine art, so it takes about 30 mins to sort them.

Glad you got it fixed.