Google-Apps/Gmail Plugin

Is anyone using an effective plug for Google-Apps or Gmail? I haven’t seen one that gives the level of functionality as the Outlook plugin here. However, we are all google-apps & Activeinbox users.

Well no, even I tried to integrate the Suite calendar with the google calendar but google doesn’t accept the iCal integration URL.


We use Collabspot for Mail-Integration. It works great for us…

To retrieve the Sugar-Calendar in Google-Calendar, a password must be set and retrieved via a URL. It also works, but it takes a few hours until the meetings are displayed in Google. Only from Sugar to Google…

We also use a Google Group as a blog in Dashbord an the Google-Drive-Folder in the Modules as Tab.

Kind regards…

Hi Wieland

How did you go about getting GDrive into SuiteCRM or Sugar?