Good plugin for multiple assigned user

Hi to all, i’m looking for a good solution for assign multiple user to record like accounts, contacts etc.
They have to work with roles. There are some kind of those plugin free/pay(with trial)? i’ve just found 1

but his free trial need a cc and i don’t want to insert my cc just for a trial test.

Any kind of suggest?

I don’t think you’ll find any other plugins.

I remember having this discussion once before with someone, but the “Assigned to” mechanism is good exactly because it allows only one single user. This makes it an effective means of responsibility in the Company. You know when a piece of work is “on your desk”, so to speak. You can’t say “I thought the other guy was going to take care of that”.

Of course, if you need multiple team members to work on some stuff, you should be able to do it also. But you can think of doing this simply with security accesses, not necessarily “assigned to”. So you can make records visible only to the users that need them, and you can use security groups to manage this, by team or by individual.

These are just ideas for you to think about… only you can know what fits your company better.

yea, I had already thought about it, but there is a fundamental problem.
Actually all the clients/contact are imported via API every night, and is hard for me create a security group for all the users and assign all this security group for all the clients every night, i mean, is not that easy.

You are a developer, you can write an Import script in PHP. For this kind of structured data it is really the sensible thing to do.

Here you have a recent example of a guy going from almost complete ignorance of SuiteCRM to having a nice importer script in 3 days and 19 replies from me :slight_smile:

If you receive new data daily you want complete control over how it gets in to your system. In PHP you can use conditions, set up relationships, security groups, search for existing similar items, validate fields, work in high level classes (Beans) etc.

Actually i’ve already created the script and they work smooth, but in this days the idea of permission changed, so i have to create a script that import users daily, if there isn’t already that user on suitecrm i have to automaticly create the security group of the user, link the role to the security group and link the user to this security group, then i have to create a script that goes to check all the account with this 3 assigned user(there are at max 3 assigned user) and link their security group to the accounts. I’ve already the idea how to do, but i though there will be a “easyer” way to do that