Good job

You know, I have to hand it to you guys, about a year ago, I thought you guys were full of shit when I first downloaded SuiteCRM. You were arrogant and rude as hell to your potential customers. But as it turns out, SuiteCRM works as advertised, and you guys have actually done a really nice job with it. So I want to apologize and eat my words. You’re doing a good job, you’ve built a good CRM product, and I hope you eat all of SugarCRM’s collective lunches. Consider me on board. I’ll try to contribute bug fixes here and there as I find them.

I see you’ve also started accepting my patches :slight_smile: Good job on that as well. The one you accepted was for a particularly nasty bug that took me some hours to deduce. Anyway, you’re another bug fix up on SugarCRM now.

Hi John,

I just noticed that your pull request finally made it into SuiteCRM. It’s good to see that you’re now also on board!

SuiteCRM is actually becoming a community driven project. As a community we will make a difference.