Gmail Set Up Fail. Troubleshooting Failed. NZ Support Failed. Help Please?

Disclaimer! - Im not a developer. But Im not thick either so I can can follow good instruction :slight_smile:

I have worked with two different hosts (One in New Zealand and one in UK) to install SuiteCRM for my business. I want this tool… but i need the email working.

Use Google apps for work - Gmail (Domain) Eg Also have domain (not currently used)


  • checked SuiteCRM gmail settings and tried all SSL, TLS, Port options - YES they are correct.
  • Checked all gmail IMap/SMTP settings in gmail - Correct
  • Checked Google Admin Settings - Allow less secure apps
  • 2 step auth
  • permissions for 3 party apps
  • checked for security requests - none
  • Looked at API and Oauth/developer console etc… but out of my technical scope to take action without step by step instructions (No idea if anything would help, but was willing to try anything)

UK - Host (I First set up ESPOCRM but had exactly the same problem)

  • Tested All gmail settings in suitecrm - Correct
  • Checked a test Gmail (Apps for work) account settings - Correct
  • Check Oauth? Made change… still Fail
  • Checked server port permissions…ok

Gave up, decided to try SuiteCRM on local (NZ) server with phone support avail.

NZ- Host
Install - nice and smooth
Same as all UK host stuff.
Asked them to check port permissions, all fine.
Got outbound email working by changing server to localhost (not ideal) but incoming IMAP will not work. And he too checked everything and is stumped. Suggested a Google thing… nothing specific.

When back to forum boards to try again. Nothing new I can do… :frowning:
Asked for an install of latest Beta SuiteCRm on UK host. No testing yet…not hopeful.

Plan B - A workaround I don’t really want to use. (have to pay for extra email accounts yearly on top of current)

Set up hosted email on and use that with suiteCRM . Have all forward. And somehow set up in suitecrm to mange it so it is tagged for a customer?

Not ideal. Not possible to keep a copy of all sent mail in gmail?

Ideal solution

Group email address (Default sending email address for all staff except me)
Group Inbox - (All staff have access - but one is assigned to monitor it.)

Personal Email (In & Out)

Staff Personal Emails - Google - They are currently just alias with their own label in the account and a filter set up. This wasn’t just about cost, it was about the time needed to set up new people in our system. (Gmail/drive/chrome/password managers etc etc

It would be great if they too could have a personal email address in suitecrm (will only be used internally, all external mail MUST come from support) but not critical.

So…Im stumped.

Can anyone help me get this Google mail working??? (preferred) Im not a big business so would prefer to do this myself, but would consider paying for support if it was a few hours or less.

Much appreciated.

I could have written this exact email with [insert my domain name here]. I have the exact same needs and am encountering the exact same problem as the OP. Still no solution found.

My work around so far has been to use server settings from my host instead of gsuite. Problem is that no outgoing mail will be kept on my gsuite server. Using my hosts server settings (with the exact same domain) works fine. Changing the server to gsuite freezes up and ultimately fails. Have tried 2 step verif, allow-less-secure-apps, etc just as OP has tried. Appears then, that the problem is not Suite but gsuite.

The kicker is that I have successfully used gsuite server setting with this same domain on other 3rd party clients. So it’s not gsuite server then??? Some how it’s the interface of gsuite and SuiteCRM that is not working. I am not a developer either, but could also follow technical instructions if anyone proposes a solution!

Please help. this functionality is crucial, and the work around is cumbersome.

Ok - While the two web hosting service providers I used tried their best to help and kept confirming the problem was not with them…, I believed it was a port issue. I moved the installation to a dedicated VPS cloud container and bingo it all worked. But not before I spent $250 bucks with a tech helping me get the container set up correctly, and another $600 bucks with a FANTASTIC developer off upworthy to fix some bugs and set it up a bit. But that wasn’t enough, it needed so much more… and I could see an endless pit of money being spent on techs and developers to get it how I needed it. And the new monthly hosting was $40 a month. (And it would need maintaining)

So I did what any self respecting DIY -er would do and accepted I just did not have enough technical skill to maintain and develop the solution as I wanted it, so went out and found plan B. I cancelled my VPS service, chucked out all the time and investment made. (Yes it hurt)

Plan B is not perfect but it does the job and costs me $60 a month for two user licences. SuiteCRM is great. But I would recommend doing a self skill check before embarking as a non tech DIY-er.

Hope that helps!

Oh - as a side note, the AMAZING upworthy tech told me that Amazon VPS services were really good, and simple to use with great dashboards. I had already set mine up elsewhere but I got the feeling that he thought mine was rubbish and that the couple of bucks more monthly expense was worth it.

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Wow, wow, wow! You probably just saved me months of troubleshooting, and at least $1000! Thank you for that input.

So just to make sure I understand you clearly, the VPS did work, but it wasn’t as simple as just converting to VPS? there were other technical aspects to consider (don’t know what “container” refers to)? My host has been trying to get me on a VPS, but I don’t want to incur those costs yet. So you’re not using the VPS solution?

And when you say you ended up just going with 2 user licenses, do you mean SuiteCRM licenses? If so, how do you set that up, and did have any downstream ramifications to your Suite installation?

Thanks soooo much for sharing your experience. It really is invaluable to me, I couldn’t find ANYONE else having this problem!

Best regards!

I set the VPS with a third party who specialized in this type of service (not a web host reseller) Eg like amazon, or a service that hosts sites for all the resellers. As i had no tech skill, I paid the host to set up my VPS. (We set up a live version and a sandbox version of suitecrm) Container is a term used in association with servers. (Google search terms if needed)

The VPS worked. But i paid an upworthy tech to set up the email too. I was too busy at that point and had too many issues. He did it quickly.

2 user licence was not suiteCRM. Long term maintenance and cost was not going to prove worth it when it was unlikely i was going over 5 users. More users would make it worth it. Sugar CRM (Same platform) per licence fees are about $50 per user a month in NZ. (And would have loved this) But for now I chose to use a newish CRM called Cloze as it had what I needed and integrated with google well. (And had sharing viewing of all emails, and shared templates etc)

If you can install and use the Suite CRM as it is without too much development for one or two users, and you can maintain your own servers (local or cloud) then its a good solution. Although I also I found the latest version quite buggy. (But that could have been how I went about setting it up)

If you decide to continue , and are confident you can maintain your own VPS, then Id go straight to Unworthy and get a tech to set it all up for you. Experienced ones (Pay the higher per hr rate) will set up your hosting, your VPS, and your installs (Should always main & sandbox so you do modifications on a non live version for testing) so you you have to do is login and start modifying to your needs. It’s not that expensive if you plan a long term commitment to it.

Best of luck