GMail e-mail authentication not working message


I keep getting this message: 5.5.1 SMTP Server Error : Authentication Required (see attached). I’ve tried everything, even used different accounts, always get the same message.

I’m using Suite CRM version 7.2.1.

Everything else is working great.

Thanks all.

Does it happen on the first time you load the page? or you see the error when you edit the page and perform the test send ? People do get error when performing send test while editing the record. There could be several reasons, Either your share hosting doesn’t allow you to send emails from gmail smtp. Or your blow fish is creating problems for encrypting the passwords.

Hello bemoore,

Similar problem has already been referenced as issue #554 (IMAP connectivity using SSL) on the SuiteCRM github branch: .

You can find a proposed fix here: .

Please also note that you need to change your gmail settings. Once you’ve logged in into your gmail account, navigate into My Account -> Connected apps & sites -> allow non-Google apps to sign-in.

Please, let us know if the proposed fix is of any help to you.