Gmail account works on test email and reply but not for compose email

I am using SuiteCRM Version 7.11.13, Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344).
Using Google App passwords I am able to setup my gmail account in SuiteCRM and get the test email to work.
Also, if I reply to an email using the email module the message goes through without problem.
But if I compose a new message from scratch the sending fails with error message “Error Sending Email. Please contact your administrator for assistance.”
Any advice on how to fix/debug this?

Hey there,

Hmmm, strange, I wouldn’t expect Replying and Sending to behave differently enough to cause this

Are there any notable differences between the scenario when it works, and when it doesnt?

  • Different “From” account selected, (These are set up on the user profile->Email Settings)
  • Different “To”
  • Different “Related to”
  • Composing as a different User

I’ve normally seen that error when there’s an issue with the selected “From” account.
(eg; User is not allowed to send with the selected Mail account as it belongs to another user
or, Gmail sometimes does not allow you to send with a different “from” than your own)

It would be worth checking the SuiteCRM and PHP error logs
Do you get any notable SMTP/Email errors around the time of Sending that might narrow things down?

Hi John,
Thanks for your help.
I checked the logs and the error was on the authentication.
I changed the account to another google account and then it worked.
I had several accounts configured in the server, so perhaps I had a typo in one of the google App passwords and I thought there was a different behavior between Reply and Sending.
Thanks again

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Ahh right, makes sense!

Glad to hear it’s resolved
And thanks for letting us know the solution!