Global searching

Hello Forum,
I have a problem with the global searching. Iam using the SuiteCRM Version 7.10.10. I watched videos and I was reading about it alot but still I cant fix the problem so I hope i can get some help here. First everything is normal i type in what i want to search global and then i click on search and then this happens look screenshot *the red one in that screenshot means “use simple search”. But what I want is that i shows instantly what the results are.
Iam looking forwar for any help and awnsers :slight_smile:


In Admin / Schedulers, do you have the indexing jobs running (Lucene + AOD Index)? When you enter those jobs, does the “last ran successfully” contain a recent time? Is it in the correct timezone?

Tha same here in v 7.10.9 (but occurring since a long time ago). Both jobs are runnning: Perform Lucene Index and Optimise AOD Index. Their last successful run was yesterday.

I’m beta testing v7.1, which has a new search: Elastic Search. But neither simple, global or elastic search are working in this version. On Admin page - Search Settings or Elastic Search Settings, I get a blank page. In the logs, I get:

[8635][1][FATAL] *** FOLDERS: addBean() got empty bean - not saving


Yes everything what you said is activated but still it is like this the last run was also successfull and i checked but iam in the right time zone (osteurope berlin +01:00).

I need to correct myself. It say it never started successfull (Lucene + AOD Index)

(sorry for fail information someelse was looking for it)

@KVermessungen, did you ever set up your cron jobs?

There are instructions on the bottom of the table in Admin / Schedulers.

You need to ask your operating system to start the SuiteCRM Scheduler jobs every minute. Then the Scheduler will decide which jobs actually will get executed, according to the schedule, and run them.