Global Search Products Module returning All Results

Hi all,

I’ve been googling the heck out of this for a bit and can’t seem to find an answer. Basic global search works fine for every module except for Products. For some reason all results are returned. I’ve made sure that it is enabled as a global search and tried a few other things I’ve found when searching but nothing seems to work. I’ve done a quick repair and rebuild as well. I’m on 7.7.8 right now in a linux server environment. Any help would be appreciated. If any further information is needed let me know.

Maybe this:

I did see that post while searching. Unfortunately I do not believe this applies as I’m not using a custom module. It’s the included Products module that is not searching properly. Thanks though.

i’m having the same issue with 7.8.8

Hello ,

I have same issue with the version of the Version 7.10.7.

Please help to resolve the issue.