Global Search - Picking which fields and adding custom modules

Hi, We have turned off AOD as it 99% of the time show irrelevant results.

How the users use the system, the global search “basic” search works well. but we are having problems picking what modules and what fields it searches on.

In the global search setting, only about half our custom modules are shown as available to search on.

Also for the Cases module we have added a custom field, it is in the list view, so when preforming a search it is shown in the results, but it is not searchable.

So am looking for information on how to include custom modules in the global search and how to pick which fields are searched on.

Any help would be great.

Please take a look into this post. It might give you some clues:

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I read your query and understand what you want and how your custom modules are shown in the global search. If you are curious to know which plugin is helpful for this task then use Global Search Manager( It has the solution to every query that you have. Also, we can offer you 3 days trial when using this plugin.

Great, this has worked thanks for your help

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