Global Search not working for between words match

In the global search option, if I search for company it returns the related data with company
if I search for pany it doesn’t show company returns empty,
$sugar_config[‘search_wildcard_infront’] = true; - >config_override.php
and also ‘search_wildcard_char’ => ‘%’,
‘search_wildcard_infront’ => true, -> config.php
but still the result is empty can you help me with these.
I attached screenshot below for ur reference
Thank you,

Click on “Use Basic Search”
and then try %pany
Here are the detail documentations about Search

Thanks sagarjaydeep for posting this.

Your solution works however I don’t understand why the search box doesn’t work without the wildcard? I don’t want to explain to everyone using our CRM system to add the wildcard to their search query.
please suggest me the solution without the wildcard
thank you.

May be with decision to help you.
Add to file config_override.php

$sugar_config['search_wildcard_infront'] = true;
$sugar_config['aod']['enable_aod'] = false;

The constant ‘enable_aod’ you can change in admin menu. Look at screen shot 1:

Make search. I have next result. Look at screen shot 2:

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its working bro thank you for your help…

and I have one small help in date picker
in account I create the call activity in datepicker i need the next month day to be enabled

in date picker the dates 1,2,3,4 i can’t select them any option to enable them