Global Search not working after upgrade to 7.11.0

Is there a fix for the global search not working? Regardless of what is entered into the global search box the same 36 accounts are returned. I used to be able to search for a specific name or invoice number and get specific results returned. Now, it does not seem to be working at all. Any suggestions? Thanks,

Look for the new search settings on Admin panel, and see which kind of search you have enabled.

If you disable “Elastic” search you should be able to get the previous search experience you had. But Elastic is working fine for most people, maybe you could try troubleshooting this a bit more.

Thank you. After reading your email I checked and the search was set to “basic.” I changed it to “elastic” and then back to “basic” and now it is working again. We appreciate your support.

I wasn’t using elasticserarch, but since upgrading my search function just brings me back to my dashboard. I wanted to switch over to elastic, but i need to setup the docker image and connect the node. ugh.

Actually, the global search only appeared to be working again. The Global search is not finding known items such as known items in fields located in Opportunities or Accounts. There are no error messages in the error log associated with the failed searches. This appears to be a bug in the 7.11.0 update.

Please upgrade to 7.11.1, there are some fixed bugs and this might be one of them.

The old Global search uses an indexer, which runs as a cron job in SuiteCRM.

So you need to have your cron jobs properly set up, and you need to check in Admin / Schedulers if Lucene and AOD Index have ran successfully.

You mght also have missed indexing of new and changed records while you didn’t have the search operational.

There is information here about how to reindex: