Global search for accented words

Hello, in global search you need help changing your search so it doesn’t match word accents. For example, the result for the search for áxxxx is equal to axxx. Any suggestions or ways to resolve this issue?

Thank you very much

Hi, welcome.

Which version of SuiteCRM are you using?

And which Search system is it? Elastic Search? Lucene (AOD) search? Or old-school global search?

Maybe this will help

Hello, thanks for the quick reply.
I am using Lucene (AOD) search.
The version of suitecrm is 7.11.8.

I saw the help topic available, but I have doubts in what part of the application I can put the code of the function indicated.

Thank you

I am afraid that is just a suggestion, not a finished solution. It would require some developer work to find the place where the data is being sent to the indexer, then change it, test…

Maybe you will have better results with ElasticSearch, have you tried it? It’s a much more modern and elaborate solution.