Global Search Doesn't Include Contact Phone?

I noticed the Global Search doesn’t search the contact phone fields yet it searches the Account phone fields!

In custom/modules/Contacts/metadata/SearchFields.php I added the force_unified like this as I see that is the flag set in first and last name.

‘phone’ =>
array (
‘query_type’ => ‘default’,
‘db_field’ =>
array (
0 => ‘phone_mobile’,
1 => ‘phone_work’,
2 => ‘phone_other’,
3 => ‘phone_fax’,
4 => ‘assistant_phone’,
‘force_unifiedsearch’ => true,

Repair and Rebuild and resaved the test record and no change.

Interesting… I may have discovered a bug. Notice that the field phone_home is missing? That’s the field with label just ‘Phone’ so that explains the issue. the unified_search_default_enabled = true for the module so any field in this file should be in the global search. Just need to add phone_home