Global Advanced Search - please help us make it more usable


Firstly we are interested in searching ‘Notes’ only. We removed all other fields/modules in Admin/Global Search.

1 - Is it possible to add/subtract fields to the results of the Global Advanced Search Title Bar?
Default: Module, Name, Summary, Created By, Date Created, Date Modified, Search Score
Would like: Module, Name, Contact, Assigned To, Created by, Date Modified ( the reason to keep ‘Module’ is that the results still return ‘Contacts’ for some reason. A bug? )

2 - Is it possible to implement filters with the “Would like” fields mentioned above? This could possibly solve our #1 problem. BTW, the Global Basic Search does have an icon for filters, but I can’t figure out how to enable and configure it.

3 - The returned table of the Global Advanced Search does not display the navigation block properly:

|< < 1 -20 of ??? > >| the inner part “1 -20 of ???” is the same colour as the background and only is visible if you right-click-drag mouse over it. The Online Demo has it too. Is this a bug? Maybe I missed something during the configuration and setup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

I don’t think your approach is the best one, because Global search has to keep its data generic for all modules, so you can’t change it that much, it’s not easy to add or remove columns. You would have to change the way the data is indexed, not just the way it is shown. Global search searches an Index, not the actual database.

You would be better off customizing the Notes List view to make it convenient for your purposes. You can configure columns, grab related records to show, add more conditions to a filter, save filters.

You might want to make a search field always visible in that list view, instead of inside the Filters button. All these things are customizations, they require some technical work, but at least they are feasible, and you’re flowing with the architecture, not fighting against it, as would happen in Global search.

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Hi pgr,

Many thanks for tirelessly and timely replying to my endless questions.

I think I might have resolved our quest for being able to sift through the quarter million Notes our database has. And along your last suggestion too. After your previous post I found another suggestion by “Jim” from about 2 years ago - to put “$sugar_config [ ‘search_wildcard_infront’ ] = true;” at the end of config_override.php. My VM locked up the a re-boot, but I was able to re-start an earlier save and repeat the change without a problem. Still, it gave me a bit of a scare.

After re-arranging fields in the Advanced Filter in Notes we can now custom search just the way we did in our ancient Maximizer. I’m just perplexed by the fact that those few minor tweaks related to Searches could not be configured by default. Is this due to the variety of the OSs and the way ‘Cron’ is particular to the each one? At least the wildcard line should be included by default, imho.

Anyway, all is well now and I’m thinking about trying out 7.10.xx :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

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I have made global search much faster and enhanced. just type in and go on search box.

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