Gitignore file for release

today I had to add some code to a php file in order to get suiteCRM 7.11.22 and PHP 7.4 to work. This change was suggested here:

due to the fact, that the commit, which was done around 16 days ago, didn’t make it into the main branch yet, I had to apply this fix myself. In order to track my changes I made a git repo with a clone of the suiteCRM repository. After I made my changes I pushed the changes and created a release on github. After I downloaded the zip file I spotted a difference in size compared to official releases. I tried to install the system but the installer failed. After some investigation I found out, that at least one folder was missing compared to an official release. Namely the vendor folder. I copied the vendor folder from an original release into my release and voila I could install the CRM without any issues.

However I don’t wana risk missing some important files here so does anybody know if there is a special .gitignore file for releases or how are you guys creating release files?