.gitignore File for Extension Development SuiteCRM 8

Hello can anybody share their Gitignore file they use for development. There are similar posts in the forum but this one focusses on developing on SuiteCRM Core while developing Extensions requires working on different folders. I am currently using this:

# Dependency directories

# Logs and debugging files

# Compiled TypeScript files

# Editor-specific files

# OS-generated files

# Build artifacts and temporary files

#custom suitecrm stuff
# db backup?

I am fighting git at this very moment :facepunch: :sweat_smile:

I have different stuff because I exclude the compiled stuff with


But maybe your approach is better? I don’t know. I think *.js.map is ok to exclude, but *.js seems too much, because there is still plain js stuff in legacy.

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I just added


because I started using defaultExt and got a bunch of new compiled stuff under extensions/defaultExt/public/

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