GitHub Issue Template

Hi everyone,

To help make sure GitHub issues are being created in the correct place, a list of options is now available when choosing the ‘New Issue’ button on both the SuiteCRM and SuiteCRM-Core repos:

The following should explain each option in a little more detail:

  • Report a Bug - this will display a new template, to report any issues found within SuiteCRM

  • Report a Security Vulnerability - this will take you to the Security Advisory section within GitHub, to report a security issue

  • Request a Feature/Enhancement - this will take you to the Suggestions category on the forum, where community members can vote on the request

  • Raise a Documentation Issue - this will take you to the SuiteDocs repo on GitHub

  • Raise a SuiteCRM 8 Bug - this will take you to the SuiteCRM-Core repo

  • Report a Missing Feature - this is only available on the Suite-CRM repo and will take you to a new template to report any features in Suite 7 that are not yet available in Suite 8

We hope you find the new list and templates useful and welcome any feedback to further improve the process.