Github - connexion saml (onelogin)


I need to implement the one login toolkit to be able to configure the saml connection?

is this right?
Thank you for your help

Hello @mio !

Onelogin/php-saml is already included in SuiteCRM 7 (and technically 8, but not yet supported). Are you having issues?


Thank you for your answer.

But I see that the toolbox is not there.
My directory is:
I have the version 7.11.20 of suitecrm

I don’t have the /php-saml

would you have an idea ?

You should be able to set up SAML via the SuiteCRM interface if it’s just a simple connection. All the onelogin will be situated in the vendor folder. If you need to utilise classess etc, you can use its namespace within the SuiteCRM’s files.

Do you have any documentation that I can rely on?
Also I have not yet managed to find where I can extract the metadata from suitecrm to give it to the identity provider.
Could you help me on this point?

thank you.


I don’t have the /endpoints file in my onelogin directory.

Should I add it from github?
I am currently looking for how to extract the metadata from the application and according to this link, I find it in the endpoints/metadata.php

Thanks for your help.

Please don’t make new threads of the similar topic.

I suspect that the folder entrypoint/ is part of the onelogin dev grouping. So I would try (as a test) changing the SuiteCRM’s composer.json moving the “onelogin/php-saml” entry down to “require-dev” and do a composer install from the command line. Hopefully that would pull down everything from the onelogin including those additional folders.

Can you provide more detail by what you mean of metadata? There isn’t explicit documentation on SAML and SuiteCRM but the information you provide to your providers is usually what is available from the SuiteCRM interface via Admin > Password Management requiring the:

Login URL
X509 Certificate

There are some plug-ins that exist that you can utilise already. ( being one of them).