Getting workflow and scheduler to work


I’ve been evaluating suitecrm for my real estate operations. I was testing AOW by creating a workflow process to set a date field a few days before another date field when modified. For example, I have a lease renewal field and I want a renewal reminder date to be set to 1 week before the lease renewal field. I tried setting this up but the renewal reminder date does not get changed when I change the lease renewal date. I saw that the Scheduler needs to be set via a cron job in the sugarCRM docs. I set the cron job in my web host cpanel per the docs but it still doesn’t work.

Would appreciate some help as I’m new to Sugar and SuiteCRM. I am very interested in testing it out for my real estate brokerage operations. Thank you!

I think I have this working but I’m not sure it’s working properly for date calculations. Need some more testing