Getting "Unexpected error when calling action" on 2FA Login

We’ve gotten the aws-marketplace/bitnami-suitecrm-8.1.0-4-r02-linux-debian-10-x86_64 up and running, email is working, but with the first user created, with 2FA enabled, on login, after entering and submitting the correct username and password, the message “Unexpected error when calling action” is shown, and the user is not moved on from the login view. Interestingly enough, the two-factor email is received. Tried the user with 2FA turned off and was able to get in. Has anyone run into this and/or can advise?
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Welcome @foelschrsaic :wave:

I suspect this could be a bug. We do have a bug report here which is similar but if you were able to raise a bug report on the repo and provide any logging (any fatals you see in both the PHP logs or SuiteCRM logs?) that would be super!

Thanks @samus-aran, the experience is the same, I’ll see about getting logs and adding to that ticket.

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