Getting too much warning and notice errors

I just installed SuiteCRM with latest version 7.9.10. I am getting too much warnings and notice errors on most pages, because of these errors,
I am not able to use most feature. Ajax does give errors. I have to go each files to fix that bugs but it is not proper solution.

Is there anything that I can use to solve all the bugs?

It isn’t a fix but this will make them go away; after every upgrade you’ll have to do this again until the problem goes away.

In index.php after the first line ( <?php ) add this to suppress error reporting:

You can turn off error_reporting in php.ini, that way it is upgrade-safe. You can also turn off display_errors there.

This is a standard part of the installation, PHP throws many errors and they should be seen on the logs, not on user’s screens.

But please be warned that if you’re getting a lot of “undefined” words appearing on screen, in the place of labels and buttons, you probably need to set your Linux permissions correctly.