Getting Session ID in Custom Menu

I have created custome menu by configuring and altering menus in Admin
For that menu I want to give external path in href.
And also I need to get session id who is logged in in that page. How to do that?

You can do a custom copy custom copy of


and edit the links there.

I don’t know about the session id question, but maybe you can see ho that file is built, and from where it’s included, and use the nesessary PHP.

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Where I have to do that in themes/SuiteP/tpls/_headerModuleList.tpl.

Can you explain briefly?

Hhmm if you can’t do it yourself, I wonder if you should be trying it… I’m afraid you might break the app.

Can’t you find someone who knows some basic HTML and ask for help? It’s really just adding a link.

It works . Thank you. I have done it.