Getting Record ID in DetailView.tpl of Custom Field Type

Sugar Fields folder include/SugarFields/Fields/* does not show any example where the DetailView.tpl of any field type can show the Current Record on which the field is shown. In the getDetailViewSmarty function for the field, i have tried to set Record ID like

$displayParams['record_id'] = $_REQUEST['record'] 

but when i access this in the DetailView.tpl of the field like


i only get record ID of the first record which is access after Repair/Rebuild. For the rest of the records, it stays the same.
Is there any way in SuiteCRM where i can get Record ID in the field DetailView.tpl?

Has anyone succeeded in getting the record ID to be conveniently displayed in either the edit or list view?

Hello @cherub-chum

We desperately need to get to the Quote ID. Have you made any progress in this regard?

Thanks so much.

I think the variable inside the Smarty template is simply called id