Getting jQuery array of SuiteCRM values from Joomla


I am looking to use SuiteCRM values in my Joomla website. The connector works great for cases, but I also need access to contacts, accounts, and opportunities data.

In Joomla you can make a php statement such as:

var user = <?php echo json_encode($user); ?>;


This will return an array of information from the user that is logged in. Very useful.

Is there any way (using Rest, Soap - or anything else) where I can get read-only access of SuiteCRM data from within my CMS?

Specifically, I am looking to make a dashboard of values on the front end (Joomla) that would be inputted from SuiteCRM after visitors have logged in.



Sorry for the late reply. The cases connector can be copied and changed to work with any module really. I’d look into what the existing connector does to grab the cases and copy this to add methods for whatever data you need.