Getting error when clicking on subject to open view from list page

I’m getting this error :

Test Subject </h2>
</span></div></div> \n\nCreate</a>\n\nCreate\n</a></span>

Also in console I’m getting this error.

Hi, welcome.

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SuiteCRM version?

What customizations did you make, especially any PHP customizations?

Is this a new installation? Are you sure you set file ownerships and permissions correctly when installing?

Its old installation and everything working fine earlier. I haven’t made much customization. Just added 3 lines script. But now after removing those lines also. I’m getting the error.

Version 7.11.5

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Which file did you customize?

Can you put it back to the exact same state as it was when installed, and run a Quick Repair and Rebuild?

Also run Javascript rebuild if you customized Javascript.