Getting error on visiting notification after creating call/meeting


I have fresh Installed Suite CRM 7.10.4 on my Linux server with PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.5. I am getting error “Call to a member function get_summary_text() on a non-object [file] => /{Path to Suitecrm}/include/MVC/View/SugarView.php [line] => 1615” on visiting notification after creating any call or meeting

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Login to admin panel and create Call/meeting and set pop up for notification.
  2. when pop up appears click on “Cancel”, it will generate notification icon on"1"
  3. click on notification icon to visit already created call/meeting

Can Anyone help me out with this? Is this a bug or am I missing something ?

Hi! before anything else, please upgrade your PHP to at least 5.5.9 as this is the minimum version required for SuiteCRM 7.10.x

then check if the error is still there and report back. Thanks


I am using PHP 5.5.37 and the issue still persists.

Can you please try this in the online demo to see if it works there?

Do you need to be admin to get this error, or any user gets it?

I am able to replicate this issue only when I logged in as admin user and not any other user.

I tried on demo also, the issue didn’t appeared there as I was logged in as other user.

There is a demo that allows admin access here

The demo which is provided in above link is of version 7.9.17 and I am getting this issue on 7.10.4 version.

I suggest you open an issue on GitHub with this, it looks like a bug. Thanks for reporting

I have created github issue at

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