Getting discouraged. I could use some guidance. please help

After spending 40 hours in studio trying to learn how to modify things for what i need, im on the verge of throwing in the towel. i have made progress, but im becomming concerned that my needs might not be feasable with the layout of the software

what ive tried doing is taking the “Leads” module, and adding custom fields in with a lot of the default ones. the plan is to use the module as an intake of information. and as soon as it is converted, it will populate all the relevant information to its modules.

some of the custom fields on the Leads are as followed

Adjuster Name
Adjuster Email
Adjuster Phone

the idea for that would be to make it a contact, and attatch it to the “Accounts” tab labeled "Insurance Information.

this is where i get confused. i dont really understand how information is picked apart from the lead and dispersed accordingly. ive tried learning about “Relationships” but looking at all the pre existing relationships and the documentation, i just cant grasp how it works.

i have 40hours invested into studio so i dont plan on giving up, but im feeling pretty defeated.

the pipeline i am trying to create for information and dispersement is pretty much
Leads<Everything <Account.

any tips would be appreciated. if you need more info, ask away and ill provide. thanks in advance

If you have a field with the same type and the same name in the lead and the put that same field in an Account, Contact or Opportunity with the exact same name and same field type, they will get populated on conversion. This is the default behavior.

If you have custom relationships they do not follow on conversion and require some extra code to make happen.

thanks for the reply stevens. i just want to clarify real quick. when you say “same type and the same name in the lead and then put the same field in an account” does it have anything to do with the system label? or is it just matching display labels and datatypes?

mind you, when you made that video on installation and said “if you dont understand what these prerequisites are or how to do them, this is going to be extremely difficult for you” with a short chuckle. im the guy you chuckled at lmao XD. i swing a hammer for a living so this is all new to me. all help is appreciated to make my misery a bit more bearable.

so if i have Leads/insurance_adjuster/TextField in both account and leads, it should port correctly?

Ok let me be clearer, the field name must be exactly the same and of the same type. The field label can be whatever you want.

Thank you for the clarification.