getting crazy here...

Hi, i setting up suitecrm for my girlfriend but i cant get it work the right way.
I think the problems are with the file permisions, but also here i did all you guys sugest.
but it seems the the i fix the first problem a second problem appears.

one of the bugs that we cant create or edit email templates.

Who whant to help us out? its a bit urgent.

Kind regards!

Jorge and Raquel

This if info out of chrome inspector

.GET 500 (Internal Server Error)


There are plenty of posts in the Forum and they all tell you how to proceed with permissions under a Linux environment.

So I recommend that, once you have uploaded and unzipped the installation files to your server, before you run the insatllation, set the correct values for default_permissions in include/utils.php, then reset permissions correctly to all your files and directories. Then run the installation. Once done reset again the permissions to files and directories and edit the file config.php and set the correct values for default_permissions.
Then login go to Admin->Repair and Run Quick Repair and Rebuild. If prompted at the bottom when finished execute the necessary repairs. Now reset files and folders permissions again and you should be fine. I recomment that you reset files and folders permissions regularly.
I hope this helps you

Thanks for your response!!!
Its allready a working installation and not a fresh install. So what are teh steps for this situation?

Try this:

  1. Edit include/utils.php and enter the correct values for default_permissions (it is in two places in this file)
  2. Edit config.php and enter the correct values under default_permissions
  3. Reset Files and folder permissions
  4. Log into SuiteCRM
  5. Go to Admin->Repair and run Quick Repair and Rebuild
  6. If prompted execute the necessary repairs suggested by Quick Repair and Rebuild at the bottom of the screen
  7. If you had to execute something at the bottom of Quick Repair and Rebuild I recommend to run it again
  8. Reset file and folder permissions again

thanks again! i gonna search for the right permisions and correct values
i found the added script for set the file permisions… Are this the correct ones?

Also the strange thing is that it had work before. BEcause we have made email templates